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Sound engineeR.


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Challenging the gender gap in studio culture

Slomo Studio is a Berlin-based production and vocal recording studio founded by Spoke in 2019.


It offers a professionally equipped space for high quality audio recordings, productions, beatmaking, sound design and mixing.

Slomo Studio is a safer and queer-friendly session, production and recording studio, explicitly addressing the LGBTQI* community of artists, beatmakers & producers who want to work, network and benefit the joys and empowerment of a different studio experience.


Alongside the regular services, Slomo Studio provides artists with professional counseling in music production and offers individual mentoring of creative production processes, such as technical processes in songwriting, creativity skills development in production, or optimization of performance setups.

The studio is also home to The Slomo Sessions, Spoke’s current collaboration-based studio project. The project's mission is to promote gender equality and self-empowerment for marginalized groups in studio culture, by providing space, resources and support for the growing generation of female* and non-binary artists, producers and sound technicians out there.


Spoke’s Slomo Studio is more than a technical music production studio; it is a space in which emancipation, solidarity and education develop hand-in-hand with individual artistic creation and technical production.


Slomo Studio is currently networking and collaborating with a growing number of other female* and queer-led projects and businesses who share the passion for politics of equality in the professional audio and music production field.





Producer / Sound Engineer/ BeatmAker



Pic: Marie Poulain

Hi, I am Spoke!

I am a non-binary freelance sound engineer and music producer based in Berlin, Germany. I am the founder of Slomo Studio, a queer-friendly studio for music production and vocal recording in Berlin.

I have a strong passion for high quality audio production and benefit from an extensive live stage & studio experience gathered over the past 10 years. I have been working as an independent producer and beatmaker since 2011 with both independent and label artists from the LGBTQI*, Hip-Hop, Bass Music and Pop scene. I produced and mixed various vinyls, EPs, mixtapes and single releases. 

The theoretical and practical basis of my work in audio production was acquired during my studies in Audio Communication and Technology at the Technical University of Berlin.

After graduating with a Master of Science in 2013 I started out in the field of commercial media production (Dreinull Motion), developing skills in movie productions and audiovisual installations. I then worked for Ableton as the technical manager of the Ableton LOOP Summit (2015-2019) and gained expertise in stage planning and audiovisual installation setups for artists like Robert Henke, ANTIVJ and Dejha Ti. I was lucky to participate in the technical planning of immersive audio setups together with Dolby© during the LOOP Summit in 2017. I am currently working in the theater field with the company Rimini Protokoll, as a technical manager for sound and light.

Before I started my professional career, I cut my teeth as a DJ between 2005-2018, first in the Hip-Hop, Grime, Garage, Juke, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep and Trap scene in London, then in the Bass Music scene in Berlin. As a member of the Impulse Crew, I organized Bass Music events in the Berlin club :// about blank. I toured as DJ from 2010-2016 with rapper Kaye and have been a member of the live band Psychedelic Orchestra from 2009-2019, playing keys, synthesizers and saxophone. I am a member of the Ambient Pop Duo Echoez and since 2017 I am part of the Hip Hop Project Ostberlin Androgyn as a Beatmaker.

Since 2018 I’ve been running my own production studio, Slomo Studio. Having had to fight my way in a male-dominated field, I consider it necessary to politically challenge the underrepresentation of my community in both the mainstream studio culture and the music industry. 

I am a member and active supporter of the Female Pressure Network.

2021 "Wenn ich ich bin" Single FINNA, Audiolith Records (Credits: Co-Production, Mixing)

2021 "Rapisoden" EP Babsi Tollwut (Credits: Recording, Mixing)

2021 "Im Osten Nichts Neues" EP Ostberlin Androgyn, Audiolith Records (Credits: Beatmaker, Mixing Engineer)

2021 "Pizza Depressione" EP Bistro Palme (Credits: Recording & Mixing Engineer)

2020 "Ängste Freunde" FINNA, Ira Atari/ Audiolith Records (Credits: Co-Producer)

2020 "Rückfall" Ostberlin Androgyn/ Audiolith Records (Credit: Beatmaker, Mixing Engineer)

2020 "Overscheiß" FINNA/ Audiolith Records (Credits: Beatmaker, Co-Producer)

2020 "Overscheiß Rap & Remix Sampler" FINNA/ Audiolith Records (Credits: Beatmaker, Co-Producer) 

2020 "Turn it up" Alice Dee (Credits: Recording & Mixing Engineer)

2019 "MauAR" Augmented Reality App (Credits: Vocal Recording Engineer)

2019 "Eastpak" Ostberlin Androgyn (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording Engineer, Producer)

2019 "OA EP" Ostberlin Androgyn (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording Engineer, Producer)

2019 "Critical" Ostberlin Androgyn (Credits: Music Video)

2019 "Autumn" Echoez (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording Engineer, Producer)

2018 "Mixtape #1" Ostberlin Androgyn (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording Engineer, Producer)

2018 "Creation" Echoez (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording  & Mixing Engineer, Producer)

2017 "Microcosmic Remix Compilation" Psychedelic Orchestra (Credits: Remixer, Co-Producer)

2017 "Microcosmic" Psychedelic Orchestra (Credits: Performing Artist, Co-Producer)

2017 "Takeover 2017" Ostberlin Androgyn (Credits: Music Video)

2016 "Die Grenze zwischen mir und dir" Gipsy Mafia, Lena Stoehrfaktor, Alice Dee (Credits: Producer, Recording Engineer)

2016 "Live at SO36" Lena Stoehrfaktor & Das Rattenkabinett (Credit: Video Documentation)

2015 "Space Fever" Psychedelic Orchestra (Credits: Performing Artist, Co-Producer)

2015 "Bullets for John Doe" Kaye & Spoke/ Purple Velvet Sampler Sookee (Credits: Beatmaker, Producer)

2014 "Jax" Kaye & Spoke (Credits: Beatmaker, Recording Engineer, Producer)

2014 "Sicht der Dinge" Alice Dee (Credits: Recording Engineer)

2013 "Hot & Bothered" Badkat, Alice Dee, Xana, Kaye (Credits: Beatmaker, Producer)






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